About Me

Where to begin. Well, firstly, I am Brooke and I'm a coach. I help people like you, build inner confidence, assertiveness and authority in your life.

I like yoga, not like, LOVE! I love crème brûlée donuts, bouldering, mint chocolate vegan treats, the sand in my toes, swimming, mother nature, innovation, spirituality, psychology and authentic human beings. 

I believe there's too many of us out there hiding behind weakness and insecurity. I believe there's too many of us out there that have unbridled potential but have no idea how to unleash it. I also believe there's too many of us people pleasing, saying yes when it should be a hell no and getting lost in addictive patterns of drinking, emotional-eating and overall self deprecation.

I wasn't always a coach.


Prior to deciding I wanted to finally unleash myself upon the world I worked, probably like you, for corporations in both San Francisco and London. I felt the common themes were fear, bullying and secrecy over compassion, communication and authenticity. I believe this stems from a lack of self-awareness, hence my endeavor to change it! 

It wasn't all bad, right? Right. I had a LOT of freebies including food, booze, weekly events, tech gadgets and the fun I had with my work colleagues is what kept me in the addictive patterns. There was a little too much escaping and not enough asking "Brooke, what do YOU actually want out of this short life?"

You see, the extrinsic reward can only keep you entertained for so long. Extrinsic reward being: nice cars, free food and great colleagues. 

Intrinsic reward, on the other hand, is an authentic connection to ourselves and others, not a mutual dislike for your boss which can be easily mistaken as a true connection.

Enough about me. I want to know all about YOU! Let's improve your life, together, book your FREE 30-minute call with me.