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After meeting Brooke and chatting over a few lunches at our co-working office I took on the course without any real expectations of what the outcome would be. I liked the idea of learning more about myself through personality tests, though I wanted to dig a bit deeper than this and get at a few of those uncomfortable truths that tend to hold us back. 
​​To sum it up in a couple of words I think I would say “unexpectedly awesome” ​

Brooke has a very intuitive style and a great knowledge to call on.

She’s one of those people with wisdom beyond her years and it was an amazing insightful journey to go on. 
​​I think most people would benefit from Brooke’s process, being able to investigate some of the meaning behind our behaviours and decision making is truely valuable and becoming more aware and sympathetic of ourselves and others is worth the investment!
​​I would highly recommend a chat with Brooke to
start the journey!

Michael Jackett


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8 Weeks of Self Discovery is an epic and collaborative group program for those wanting to build inner confidence, authority and assertiveness in their lives.


unexpectedly       awesome"