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holding you back



Hi, I'm brooke!

I'm a life and business coach. 


I am obsessed with freedom and helping you build a life of freedom too. 


Freedom from the emotional, physical and spiritual restrictions you're currently experiencing.  

I help people build inner confidence, assertiveness and authority in their lives.

I help people build their very own

conscious businesses. 

Definition: Conscious business

enterprises and people are those

that choose to follow a business

strategy, in which they seek to

benefit both human beings and the


Kofman, Fred (2006)

Let's action a sustainable plan.


Let's change your life, together.

all about 'U'

How It's Done


your strengths


your inherent being


your gifts


upon the world

I was straight away intrigued by Brooke's confidence and energy. Brooke has an open and horizontal understanding of spirituality and wellness which helped us form a grounded dialogue.

Her vast knowledge in technology and innovation was highly valuable.




85% of people are unhappy at work.

change starts, here.

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